LLTH Training Run


After a year of not running at all I started back less than a month ago.  Running about 5 miles a day comfortably with a long run of 6.  Doing a little on the trails, but mostly on the roads.

Cynthia had planned a training runs for Lovin The Hills this weekend.  She then had to go to South Carolina on Saturday.  She encouraged me to do the training run on Sunday.  I was informed it was only 16 miles so it should be no problem.  Did I mention 6 miles on the road was my longest run?

To make things better the weather was forecast was calling for rain on Sunday as well as the previous several days.  It was going to be muddy and I had no trail shoes.  The situation looked better all the time.

I decided that I better get prepared.  Even if I couldn’t finish the run I wasn’t going to have any excuses.  I went out and bought a pair of trail shoes and dug a vest out at the barn.  I had not worn it in several years.  For your information If you store your stuff in a dairy barn do not leave anything in a pocket or a mouse will eat a hole in the pocket to get to it.

After I got everything together on Saturday it was raining so I decided to give everything a try.  I did 5 miles on the trails in Shelbyville.  New shoes seemed to have good traction and feel well on the feet.  The vest still held water.  I was as ready as I was going to get.

Sunday morning I got up, put water out for everyone and then went to the start.  The  parking lot was full when I got there.  If you are going to fail there is nothing better than having a large group of people there to see.  At least it wasn’t raining and the temperature was nice.

I said a few words to the group and then we headed out.  Everyone was still packed up for the first few miles so the pace was fairly easy.  Good for me lots of uphill in those first few miles.  Then the pack started thinning out and the pace picked up a little.  I was running mid pack and feeling pretty good at this point.

We arrived at the end of Siltstone Trail and I had to make a decision to either turn around or do Scott’s Gap.  I was not feeling especially intelligent so I decided on the Scott’s Gap Loop.  At the end of the loop we stopped to refuel.  I had a Payday, one of my favorite running foods.  I was excited that that I was still feeling good and ready for the last 6 and a half miles.

With a little over 3 miles to go Jonathon  Amlung picked up the pace and I went with him. That was great for about 1.5 and then I started feeling it.  The last 1.5 got a little tough, but I got through it.

In the end it was a great day with great people running a beautiful trail.  It was also a lesson learned.  Never underestimate your abilities.  You never know what you are capable of until you try

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